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Larkhall Academy


Course Information

The study of Accounting introduces pupils to the dynamic world of business. The course aims to develop awareness of how the important accounting function contributes to industry and society as well as developing accuracy in preparing, presenting, interpreting and analysing accounting information. Pupils will consider the need for budgeting and determine ways to manage finance, evaluating the suitability of different options available for setting up and supporting different types of businesses. To assist in making appropriate financial decisions pupils will evaluate, prepare and present financial information and documents.

Why choose Accounting?

Accounting relates to many aspects of everyday life and therefore gives pupils experiences which are topical and develops skills for learning, life and work. The course encourages pupils to think logically and to apply accounting principles in their everyday lives, thereby supporting their own personal financial security.

The course may be of greatest appeal to those pupils who enjoy, or wish to take advantage of, numeracy based learning opportunities. It will suit pupils who feel their skills are matched to courses which require attention to detail and who like to apply their logical and analytical thinking.

Faculty Head: Miss N Morrison

Subject staff:

Mrs J Samson (DHT)