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Larkhall Academy


Faculty of Art, Design and Technology

The Faculty of Art, Design and Technology is dedicated to building pupil confidence and skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem solving in familiar and new contexts. Pupils are able to progress their learning through hands on practical experience as well as written tasks.


We aim to provide pupils with an engaging curriculum and positive experience to build self-confidence, literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing skills, as well as skills for life beyond school.


Pupils take part in Art and Design and Technical in the BGE for 2 periods a week each. In the Senior Phase pupils are able to focus on the following subject specific areas:

Art and Design

Design and Manufacture

Graphic Communication

Practical Woodworking



Courses we offer at each level:

Course N4 N5 Higher Advanced Higher
Art and Design
Graphic Communication  
Design and Manufacture  
Practical Woodworking    



Faculty Head: Miss G Ryder


Technical Teacher: Mr A Dodds

Technical Teacher: Mr A Frame

Technical Teacher: Mr L Gosling

Technical Teacher and ASN: Mr J Hainey

Technical Teacher: Mr A Higgins

Technical Teacher and Pupil Support : Mr J Hodes

Technical Teacher: Mrs K Thomace


Art Teacher and PT Gypsy Travellers: Mrs L Bernstein

Art Teacher: Mr R Ferguson

Art Teacher and SfL: Mrs E Lees

Art Teacher: Mr A Phillips

Art Teacher and ASN: Mrs J Ritchie

Art Teacher: Miss J Rourke

Art Teacher: Miss E Wallace