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Larkhall Academy


Geography is part of the Social Subjects Faculty at Larkhall Academy along with Modern Studies, History and RMPS. Geography is a subject which allows pupils to appreciate and understand the world in which we live: Earth's landscapes, peoples, places and environments. Geography allows pupils to develop key geographical skills as well as numeracy, literacy and health and wellbeing skills which are essential to learning, life and work.

Pupils study Geography at S1 and S2 and can then pick the subject at National 4, 5, Higher and Advanced Higher at Larkhall Academy.

Faculty Head/Principal Teacher: Ann-Jo Downie

Department/Subject staff: 

  • Mrs Downie (Faculty Head)
  • Mrs Ramage
  • Mrs Duncan
  • Miss Parker

Broad General Education (S1-S3)

In Geography from S1-S3 pupils study a variety of topics that are enjoyable, thought-provoking and engaging. In S1, pupils attend Geography once a week studying mapping skills, hot deserts, Scotland, glaciation and river landscapes.

In S2 pupils again attend Geography once a week and study a variety of topics such Earth forces, environmental issues and tropical rainforests.

In S3 pupils study the four climatic regions, urban environments, health in developed and developing countries and participate in urban and rural field trips which contribute to their Added Value Unit for the National courses.

National 4/5/Higher/Advanced Higher (S4-S6)

Pupils have the option to study Geography at National 4/5 in S4-S6 and Higher S5-S6 and Advanced Higher S6. The National and Higher courses contain a wide variety of topics within Global Issues, Physical and Human Environments. Some specific topics include climate change, globalisation, population, weather, coastal and glaciated landscapes, urban and rural environments.

 The Advanced Higher Geography Course further develops learners understanding of our changing world and its human and physical processes in local, national, international and global study contexts. Opportunities for practical activities including fieldwork are essential parts of this Course, so that learners can interact with their environment.