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Higher Maths

The study of Higher Mathematics develops logical reasoning, analysis, problem-solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways, as well as offering opportunities for creativity.

It is a rich and stimulating subject with the capacity to engage and fascinate learners and has a wide applicability to science, engineering, technology, business, industry and not least to everyday life.

Mathematics is an ever expanding body of knowledge, skills, concepts and techniques essential in the efficient handling of information and the solution of problems.

Course Content

The course comprises of three units:

Unit 1
Expressions and Formulae

 Trigonometric expansions and identities

 Trigonometric graphs

 Wave function

 Graphs of functions

 Composite and inverse functions

 Logs and exponentials

 Vectors & applications of vectors

Unit 2
Relationships and Calculus


 Polynomials and quadratic theory

 Solving trigonometric equations


Unit 3

 The Straight Line: including experimental data from logs

 The Circle

 Recurrence relations

 Applying differential calculus

 Areas under and between curves


To gain the overall award students must pass an external assessment.

The SQA external exam consists of 2 papers:



A prelim, which is of the same form as the SQA external exam, takes place under exam conditions.


Students may progress to Advanced Higher Mathematics or exit to higher or further education, using either the qualification as a general or specific entry requirement for mathematics, engineering, or science HNC/D or degree courses.


Pre October homework & solutions

Final Exam Study Guide

Formulae not on final exam Formulae Sheet

Resources for Study guide

Solutions to Carluke Papers

Solutions to Maths Matters Papers

Solutions to Specimen & Exemplar

SQA Past Papers

Solutions to SQA Past Papers


Supported Study

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