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History is part of the Social Subjects Faculty at Larkhall Academy along with Modern Studies, Geography and RMPS. The purpose of History is to provide learners with insights into their own lives and the society in which they live. By examining the past, they discover their heritage as members of a community, a country and the wider world. History provides learners with both a perspective on, and an understanding of, the forces which have shaped their own society and societies in other countries.

Pupils study History at S1 and S2 and can then pick the subject at National 4, 5, Higher and Advanced Higher at Larkhall Academy.

Faculty Head/Principal Teacher: Mrs Downie

Department/Subject staff:

  • Mrs McLean
  • Mr McGuire
  • Miss Syme
  • Miss Brennan
  • Miss Campbell
  • Miss Moffat

Broad General Education (S1-S3)

In History from S1-S3 pupils study a variety of topics that are enjoyable, thought-provoking and engaging. In S1, pupils attend History once a week studying Skara Brae, the Black Death, Victorians and their own personal investigation.

In S2 pupils again attend History once a week and study a variety of topics such as Slavery, the Assassination of JFK, Revolutions and the Swinging Sixties.

In S3pupils attend three times a week. Pupils study two units  WW1 – At home and abroad and the Accursed Slave Trade which develop pupil’s knowledge and enquiry skills to prepare them for their National  Qualifications in S4.

National 4/5/Higher/Advanced Higher (S4-S6)

Pupils have the option to study History at National 4/5 in S4-S6 and Higher S5-S6 and Advanced Higher S6. The National and Higher courses contain a wide variety of topics within Scottish, British and World/European historical contexts.

Higher topics develop knowledge and understanding of the past which will prepare pupils for active participation in a modern democracy. These include Migration