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Larkhall Academy

Home Economics

The S3 Home Economics Course is designed to offer the development of practical skills and understanding appropriate to food preparation and cookery. It will enable pupils to:

  • develop an understanding of hygienic food handling
  • plan their work to integrate practical skills
  • develop their skills in food preparation techniques and cookery processes
  • identify equipment used in food preparation and cooking
  • develop their organisational skills
  • gain a knowledge of the terms used in food preparation techniques and cookery processes


The course is primarily practical based, but there are some written unit assessments which cover:

  • cookery skills
  • nutrition and Scottish dietary targets
  • food hygiene and safety
  • organisation of practical skills
  • food product development


Candidates will be required to undertake a practical assignment under controlled conditions. It will involve the preparation of one dish.

The Health and Food Technology element of the course will allow learners to develop the basic knowledge of the relationship between health, nutrition and the functional properties of food. This course will enable pupils to make informed food lifestyle and consumer choices.

This course prepares students for undertaking study in National 4 and National 5 Hospitality: Practical Cookery or Health and Food Technology.

Participation in these practical activities allows the pupils’ learning experiences to be more relevant, enjoyable and varied. In order to facilitate this, pupils will be required to contribute to the cost of ingredients used on this course. This requirement is consistent with all secondary schools in our local authority area.