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Larkhall Academy

Literacy Groups

Literacy groups run for S1, S2 and S3 pupils, which have the aim of raising reading, writing and spelling standards.  

One of the activities undertaken in these groups is reciprocal reading, where pupils take turns to read out loud as a group. Pupils are encouraged to seek clarification from their peers or a digital dictionary, ask questions about the text, summarise what they have read and to predict what they think will happen next.

Pupils chair these sessions with the aid of a Reciprocal Reading Placemat that has recently been developed. Literacy assessments are completed to ensure pupils are appropriately targeted and that we are meeting the changing needs of the pupils.

These groups also work on personalised and targeted programmes for multi-sensory spelling and SRA.

Feedback from S2 pupils include "The group has helped me read, it's a good environment"; "It helps me a lot"; "It has helped me because it gives you a chance to read out in front of people".