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Larkhall Academy

National 3 Chemistry

Chemical Changes and Structure

In this Unit, learners will develop scientific skills and knowledge of the chemicals in our world. The properties and reactions of common elements, and how these relate to their position in the periodic table, will be investigated. Focusing on everyday elements, compounds and mixtures, learners will work towards the concept of chemical reactions and word equations. Through practical experience, learners will study the everyday uses and reactions of acids and bases, and the impact they have on the environment.

Nature’s Chemistry

In this Unit, learners research the Earth’s rich supply of natural resources which are used by each and every one of us. Learners will investigate how fossil fuels were formed and how their use is changing as sustainable energy sources are developed. Plants as a source of oils, carbohydrates and nutrients are explored. Learners will find out about how chemists use plants in the development of products associated with everyday life. They will be given the opportunity to practically investigate one of these processes.

Chemistry in Society 

In this Unit, learners will develop skills and carry out practical and other learning activities related to investigation of materials. Learners will focus on environmental issues while investigating the reactions, applications and corrosion of metal. The use of metals in chemical cells is explored. Through research, learners will compare and contrast the properties and applications of metals, plastics, and new materials. They will research the use of chemicals used in industry, with an emphasis on the environmental issues.

Skills, knowledge and understanding

¨ using, with guidance, chemistry knowledge and understanding

¨ solving simple problems and making decisions

¨ carrying out experiments safely

¨ using, with guidance, information handling skills, by selecting, presenting and processing information

¨ making basic generalisations from evidence/information

¨ drawing valid conclusions from evidence/information

¨ communicating findings/information


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