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Larkhall Academy

National 4 Lifeskills

Course Content

Unit 1

Managing Finance & Statistics

 Income and expenditure

 Financial budgets

 Finding the best deal

 Foreign exchange

 Saving and borrowing


 Probability & risk


Unit 2

Geometry & Measures

 Time management

 Real life measurement


 Scale drawing & Navigation

 First-fit algorithms


 Perimeter, area and volume

  Pythagoras’ Theorem



Unit 3



 Foreign currency

 Hire purchase

 Negative numbers

 Ratio and direct proportion


 Time intervals & distance, time and speed


You need to pass three
component units in the course.

The titles of the three component units are:

 Managing Finance & Statistics

 Geometry and Measures




Successful completion of the National 4 Lifeskills Course can be followed by National 4 Maths in S6.

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