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Larkhall Academy

National 4 Maths

National 4 Maths

Course Content

Unit 1

Expressions and Formulae


 Breaking brackets


 Evaluation of formulae

 Number patterns

 Straight line (gradient)

 Circle (circumference and area)

 Area, volume and surface area


 Frequency tables

 Averages (mean, median, mode and Range)

 Pie Charts (calculate angles)



Unit 2


 Straight Line
y = a
x = b
y = mx + c


 Line of best fit (draw and use)

 Equations and inequalities

 Changing the subject of a formula


 Scale drawings

- tangent/radius
- angle in a semi-circle



Unit 3


 Basic Arithmetic (including inequalities)

 Negative Numbers


 Significant figures to 2 decimal places

 Simple Percentages

 Percentage increase and decrease

 Time intervals (12+24 hour)


 Area (squares and rectangles)

 Volume (cubes and cuboids)

 Perimeter (straight edged shapes)

 Ratio and proportion

 Reading scales

 Conversion of units

- Read, calculate and interpret from
  tables, bar graphs, scattergraphs and line
- Pie Charts (read and draw)
- Stem & Leaf
- Maps/Plans
- Probability/Predictions


You need to pass three component units in the course and a final, internally assessed, exam.

The titles of the three component units are:

 Expressions and Formulae



The final internal exam consists of two papers:

 Paper 1 - Non Calculator (20 minutes)

 Paper 2 - Calculator (40 minutes)



Successful completion of the National 4 Maths Course can be followed by National 5 Maths (over two years if necessary) in S5/S6.