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Larkhall Academy

National 5 Biology

The course content includes the following areas of biology:

Cell Biology

The key areas covered are: cell structure; transport across cell membranes; DNA and the production of proteins; proteins; genetic engineering; respiration.

Multicellular Organisms

The key areas covered are: producing new cells; control and communication; reproduction; variation and inheritance; transport systems — plants; transport systems — animals; absorption of materials.

Life on Earth

The key areas covered are: ecosystems; distribution of organisms; photosynthesis; energy in ecosystems; food production; evolution of species.

Skills, knowledge and understanding

The following provides a broad overview of the subject skills, knowledge and understanding developed in the course:

¨ demonstrating knowledge and understanding of biology by making statements, describing information, providing explanations and integrating knowledge

¨ applying knowledge of biology to new situations, interpreting information and solving problems

¨ planning, designing and safely carrying out experimental/fieldwork investigations to test given hypotheses or to illustrate particular effects

¨ selecting information from a variety of sources

¨ presenting information appropriately in a variety of forms

¨ processing information (using calculations and units, where appropriate)

¨ making predictions and generalisations based on evidence/information

¨ drawing valid conclusions and giving explanations supported by evidence/justification

¨ suggesting improvements to experimental/fieldwork investigations

¨ communicating findings/information



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