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Larkhall Academy

National 5 Maths

Course Content

Unit 1

Expressions and Formulae

 Significant figures

 Volume (sphere, cone and pyramid)


 Circle (length of an arc and area of a sector)

 Breaking brackets

- Common factor
- Difference of 2 squares
- Trinomials
- Completing the square

 Algebraic fraction simplification

 Surds (simplification and rationalising)

 Indices (including scientific notation)

Unit 2


 Equations and inequalities

 Changing the subject of a formula

 The straight line

 Simultaneous equations (graphic and algebraic)

- 3D, coordinates and converse
- Angles in quadrilaterals and circles
- Chords and perpendicular bi-sectors

- Equation from a graph
- Sketching
- Turning point
- Equation of axis of symmetry
- Quadratic formula
- Discriminant
- Roots

 Similarity (length, area and volume)

 Trigonometric graphs

 Trigonometric equations and identities

Unit 3


 Appreciation and depreciation

 Compound interest

- Sine Rule
- Cosine Rule
- Area of a triangle
- Bearings

- Add and subtract 2D vectors
- 3D Co-ordinates
- Add and subtract 2D & 3D components
- Magnitude

- Quartiles and Inter Quartile Range
- Standard Deviation

 Equation of line of best fit

 Reverse percentages

 Fractions (4 operations including mixed)



To gain the overall award students must pass written assessments in all three units of the course and an external assessment.

The SQA external exam consists of 2 papers:



A prelim, which is of the same form as the SQA external exam, takes place under exam conditions.


Students may progress to Higher Mathematics in S5/S6 or exit to higher or further education, using either the qualification as a general or specific entry requirement for a course.

Course Booklets

Prelim Revision

Exam Questions by topic

Final Exam Revision

Larkhall Academy Paper Solutions

HSoG Paper Solutions

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