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Larkhall Academy

Physical Education Higher

This course offers you the opportunity to study Physical Education at a challenging level and to build on previous skills and performance. It makes an important contribution to a balanced education and may help you to progress to further education or employment. The course aims to develop individual abilities and to enhance your personal and social development.

Entry to the Higher Course

  • National 5 PE pass
  • Enjoyment of Sport and Physical Activity
  • Other relevant prior experience in physical education, including experience gained outwith certificated courses may be considered.

Course Outline

The course consists of three compulsory units which are not taught separately but with an integrated approach.

Physical Education: Performance – 60% of overall grade

This unit builds on your previous performance to improve skills and techniques in a minimum of one activities. The choice of activities and performance contexts will be decided in consultation with the PE department.

Performance Marks

8 marks for planing & preparation
40 marks for performance
12 marks for evaluation

Physical Education: Performance Skills

Ongoing assessment in a minimum of two activities throughout the year.

Physical Education: Factors Impacting Performance (FIP)

Ongoing assessment through booklet
Demonstrate Knowledge and Understanding of the Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical (MESP) factors.

Analyse and Evaluate FIP

Prepare and Implement a development plan to improve performance
Evaluate the process of personal performance development.

The work of this unit requires you to:

  • Observe, record and analyse performance
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in all areas of analysis
  • Monitor a programme of work
  • Evaluate the analysis and development process.
  • Develop core Skills

Course Assessment

The course is assessed by a combination of internal assessment and external assessment:

Internal assessment

  • Practical Performance
  • Factors Impacting Performance (FIP) Unit
  • Performance Skills Unit

External assessment

  • SQA Exam – 40% overall grade


Useful BBC Bitesize webpage for revision and study: