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Larkhall Academy

Physical Education S1-S3 Curriculum

Course Content     

Throughout S1 to S3 the Physical Education course should help equip our youngsters with the core skills of communication, problem solving, and working with others.

To achieve this pupils will follow 4 separate blocks of practical activity, focusing on the following 4 key areas of Health and Wellbeing within Curriculum for Excellence  

  • Movement skills, competencies and concepts  

  • Co-operation and competition  

  • Evaluating and appreciating  

  • Physical activity and health

Pupils learn about these 4 areas, using as wide a range of practical activities as possible, to develop a broad appreciation of sport and fitness, and to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Pupils should gain experience in some or all of the following activities - badminton, basketball, football, field hockey, trampolining, gymnastics, table tennis, volleyball, track and field athletics and fitness activities, as well as a range of alternative activities. It is important to note that some activities are adapted version of the full sport.

Contexts for Learning  

  • Team and individual games, both indoor and outdoor.  

  • Aesthetic activities

  • Fitness related activities, both indoor and outdoor.



  • Team/group activities and practices  

  • Individual and paired activities and practices  

  • Teachers will use various teaching strategies, as well as elements of Assessment is for Learning, and co-operative learning.