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Larkhall Academy


Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS) is part of the Social Subjects Faculty at Larkhall Academy along with History, Geography and Modern studies. The purpose of RMPS is to engage all young people in religious, moral and philosophical issues which affect the world today. Students are encouraged to actively participate in all lessons and to develop their own views on these key issues. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of RMPS and develop transferable skills which will be beneficial for later learning, life and work.

In Larkhall Academy all pupils receive one period per week of core RME from S1-3. At the end of S2 they can choose RMPS as a National course for S3/4 and we provide National 5 and Higher in the senior phase.

In the world of work, employers look for someone with an enquiring mind, an appreciation of different viewpoints, and an ability to come to clear, balanced decisions.  These skills are all developed through studying RMPS. If you plan to go onto further education, RMPS is a recommended subject for degrees such as Law, Social Studies, Journalism, Education and Politics amongst many others at universities across Glasgow including The University of Glasgow and Strathclyde University.

Faculty Head/Principal Teacher: Mrs Ann-Jo Downie

Department/Subject staff: 

  • Mrs Blair
  • Miss Moffat

Broad General Education


In S1 RME the year begins with Marvels and Mysteries which is a course designed to challenge thinking skills and study some of life’s “Big Questions”.

Pupils are then given the opportunity to vote as a class to choose a World Religion to study. They can choose Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism or Buddhism.


In S2 RME we study Life after Death which gives our pupils an opportunity to explore what some religious and non-religious people believe happens when we die. Some of the things covered in this course include heaven and hell, reincarnation, ghosts, near death experiences and many others.

They also study a course named You + Me = which explores stereotypes and discrimination.


The focus in S3 RME is morality and we allow our pupils to choose their topics. This can be anything related to morality but we typically study courses such as Capital Punishment, Euthanasia, Abortion, War, Gender Issues or Terrorism and Torture. Within the morality courses we study both religious and non-religious viewpoints on these issues.

Senior Phase

S4 - N4/5

  • World Religion: Islam
  • Morality and Belief: Morality and Medicine
  • Religious and Philosophical Questions: Evil and Suffering

S5/6 - National 5/Higher

  • World Religion: Buddhism
  • Morality and Belief: Morality and Justice
  • Religious and Philosophical Questions: Origins



The purpose of the assignment at N5 and Higher is to identify an appropriate religious, moral or philosophical issue and to research this issues, using a range of religious and non-religious sources. They will be required to analyse and evaluate the information to draw a detail conclusion which has been based on supporting information and challenges. Students will be required to do most of this research at home and the results will be written up under exam conditions.

At N5 the assignment is worth 20 marks and will be written up in 1 hour.

At Higher the assignment is worth 30 marks and will be written up in 1 hour 30 mins.

External Exam

At N5 the question paper will have 80 marks and will be given 2 hours and 20 mins to complete this.

At Higher the question paper will have 60 marks and will be given 2 hours and 15 mins to complete this.