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Larkhall Academy

S3 Maths

In S3 pupils are 'set' into ability sections for Maths.

Those decisions are made on the basis of a pupil’s CfE grades achieved in S2.

The department follows a policy of continual assessment which may
result in pupils changing class according to performance.

Pupils follow a CfE 3rd level or 4th level course in S3.

3rd Level


Block 1


 Angles and angles in quadrilaterals


Block 2

 Multiples, factors, primes and powers




 Percentages, decimals and fractions

Block 3


 Area and volume

 Negative numbers

Block 4


 Drawing 2D shapes


 Scale drawings

4th Level


Block 1



 The Straight line


 Distance, speed and time


Block 2


 Surface area


 Bank interest


 Bank statements

 Insurance (life, house, car)



Block 3

 Powers and roots

 Scientific notation




 Trigonometry (right angled triangles)

 Trigonometry (non right angled triangles)