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Science Broad General Education

The sciences will develop your child’s natural curiosity, imagination and creativity. Your child will learn about the natural world and living things. The sciences will help answer their many questions as they come across new wonders and experiences relating to forces, chemical changes or their senses. They will learn to analyse, evaluate and think critically.

They will become well educated in all the sciences including biology.

Biodiversity and interdependence

Learners explore the rich and changing diversity of living things and develop their understanding of how organisms are interrelated at local and global levels. By exploring interactions and energy flow between plants and animals (including humans) learners develop their understanding of how species depend on one another and on the environment for survival. Learners investigate the factors affecting plant growth and develop their understanding of the positive and negative impact of the human population on the environment.

Body cells and systems

Learners develop their knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of organs of the body, including the senses. They learn about cells as the basic units of life, and their organisation to form familiar body systems. Through observation, research and practical investigation learners explore the risk and impact of microorganisms in relation to health, and then in industrial processes. They experience the use of technology in monitoring health and improving the quality of life and develop informed views on the moral and ethical implications of controversial biological procedures.


Starting with observations of similarities and differences between individuals, learners develop their understanding of how organisms develop and pass on genetic information to the next generation. They begin to develop their knowledge of genetics and of the role of DNA and examine moral and ethical questions which arise from technological developments.

The biology themed topics for our BGE course in S1 and S2 are:

  • Cell Biology
  • Organs and basic needs
  • Health and Technology
  • Biodiversity and Immunology

They will become well educated in all the sciences including chemistry.

Processes of the planet

Learners explore the changing states of matter and the physical and chemical processes which influence Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. They learn about climate change as a natural process in time as well as the result of human activity. Through connections with collaborative studies of landscape, weather and climate in social studies they build up an integrated picture of the dynamic nature of Earth.

Properties and uses of substances

By exploring the properties of different substances and how they can be changed, learners gradually develop their understanding of the connection between structure and properties. They explore the development of new substances which have useful properties, and begin to relate physical and chemical properties to models of atomic structure. Learners begin to use symbols and chemical formulae as a way of communicating information about elements and compounds.

Earth’s materials

Learners develop their knowledge and understanding of substances that make up the Earth’s surface. Properties, uses and methods of extraction of such materials are explored. Opportunities exist to discuss the importance of carbon compounds derived from crude oil to our lives.

Chemical changes

Learners gradually develop an understanding of chemical changes. They consider processes which take place in the environment and in the laboratory, and develop their understanding of the environmental impact of some changes. They develop their understanding of energy changes in chemical reactions and some of the factors affecting the rates of reactions. Learners develop the use of chemical names, formulae and equations as a way of conveying information about chemical changes.

Topical science

By considering current issues of science, learners increasingly develop their understanding of scientific concepts and their capacity to form informed social, moral and ethical views. They reflect upon and critically evaluate media portrayal of scientific findings.

The chemistry themed topics for our BGE course in S1 and S2 are:

  • Atoms and the Periodic Table
  • Chemical Reactions and Separations
  • Acids and Alkalis
  • Metals