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Larkhall Academy


Access Glow here

Please contact the school if your password needs reset.

Remember you should keep your Glow password a secret.

Password Recovery on Glow

All pupils, where possible, should add a separate and personal email account to their Glow account. This is to ensure if pupils lock themselves out of Glow, they have the opportunity to recover their password and still access materials online.

To do this, pupils should follow the below steps:

· Go to your name on the top right hand side of the page. 

· Select “My Profile”

· On the left hand side, select “Password Recovery”

· Enter your personal e-mail address

· You will then be asked to access your e-mails and verify your e-mail account

You will still log into Glow as normal. This is to ensure you have the chance to change your password should it be forgotten.


Google Classroom 

At Larkhall Academy pupils are encouraged to use Google Classroom this can be accessed via GLOW further details can be found by clicking here.