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ParentPay – Information for Parents

South Lanarkshire Council is currently rolling out an online payment system for schools and nurseries. This new system is called ParentPay.

ParentPay provides a more convenient and secure way for parents to pay online for things like school meals and trips. ParentPay has been tested in a few of our schools already and will now be setup in the rest. The service will be available to parents in Larkhall schools towards the end of January 2019.

ParentPay offers the freedom to make secure online payments at any time. You will be able to view all payment history and no card details are stored in any part of the system.

To get started, all our parents will be issued with a pre-launch pack giving further details about ParentPay. They will also be issued with an Activation Letter and ‘How to create an Account’ guidance note. This will help parents create a secure online account, activated using a unique ‘myaccount’ username and password. ‘myaccount’ is a free and secure sign-in service for accessing a wider range of public services online in Scotland. Parents who have children in different establishments can create a single account login for all their children. Once activated online payments can be made straight away.

ParentPay will reduce the amount of cash handling in our school. However, parents who need to continue making payments by cash may do so using the PayPoint network at local convenience stores.

PayPoint payments are also recorded by ParentPay and can be seen by parents logging into their ParentPay account and viewing their payment history online. Parents should notify the school if they wish to use the PayPoint facility. A plastic PayPoint card will then be made available to parents to make cash payments at local PayPoint stores. The first card is free of charge; however, any lost or damaged cards will be charged at an additional cost. Payment cards take about two weeks to arrive but we can issue a barcode letter as an interim measure.

Letters coming from the school about trips and other activities requiring payment will carry a unique barcode which will allow parents to make cash payments at local PayPoint stores.

Otherwise any trips planned, where a payment is required, will be activated directly on ParentPay. This will allow parents to see all trips relevant to their child, payments to date and any amounts outstanding or monies due.

For those pupils who take school meals, once their ParentPay account has been activated, parents can pre-pay for school meals for their child.

We hope you will make the most of this new system and we will issue further information soon.