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Larkhall Academy

School Uniform

We ask all parents/carers to support the school by encouraging your child(ren) to adhere to the agreed dress code and the wearing of our school uniform. The wearing of a school uniform helps promote the identity of the school in the local community and helps create an ethos of sharing and pride in the school.

In addition, the wearing of a uniform helps towards increasing the protection of all pupils. The wearing of a uniform helps staff and the pupils to distinguish between who belongs to the school and those who may be visitors. This enables staff to approach and identify visitors more readily and helps in trying to offer a safer environment for pupils and teachers alike.

Equality of opportunity is an important aspect of the life of the school. Any proposals on the dress code and on what constitutes the school uniform will be the subject of discussion with the Parent Council and where appropriate consultation with parents, pupils and staff.

There are forms of dress which are unacceptable in all schools such as:

 the wearing of football colours  clothing with slogans that may cause offence (anti-religious, symbolism or political slogans)  clothing which advertises alcohol, tobacco or drugs  clothing which can be deemed unsuitable in terms of health and safety grounds such as shell suits, combat style clothing, dangling earrings, loose fitting clothes particularly in practical classes  articles of clothing that could be deemed to inflict damage on other pupils or be used by others to do so  footwear that may damage flooring.

A local school uniform supplier is: 


41 Quarry Street




Online purchases can be made here:

Clothing grant

In certain circumstances the Council provides support to parents/carers for the purchase of school wear.

Any parent / carer who receives Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction will automatically be awarded free school meals (P4 to S6) and/or school clothing grants (P1 to S6).  If a parent / carer is in receipt of Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction from South Lanarkshire Council there is no need for them to complete an online application.

Application forms for clothing grant are available from the Council‟s website: or from Q&A Offices, Audit and Development 01698 453504/453505/453213, the school or Education Resources, Almada Street, Hamilton, telephone 01698 454545.