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Larkhall Academy

Parent Guide to Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an online platform where teachers can send your children work when away from school. 

Accessing Google Classroom 

The easiest way to access Google classroom for our students is through the Glow ‘Launchpad’. Pupils should Google ‘Glow’ and click on the first link and login to Glow as they normally would. The Google Classroom App can be found in the  ‘Larkhall Academy’ tile (see image below).

 Image of Glow Launchpad

Pupils can access Google Classroom via the internet by visiting 

If using this method they will need to alter their GLOW email address slightly  - This will proceed to a GLOW login page (use the GLOW password here).

If using a phone or tablet pupils can use the APP you will only need to enter the information above once, as it will keep you logged in.

Once pupils have logged in, they will see the class overview page. From here they can see all of the classes they are registered with and a summary of any work due. 

Image of classroom tiles

Clicking on a class will open that Classroom.

Accessing classwork

Clicking on a class will show the assignments. The details of an assignment will be shown by clicking on the heading. 

Students can then read the instructions and see any files attached to the assignment. 

Submitting classwork

The simplest way to complete the classwork is to open the attachment and complete your classwork in this document. Or do it on a Doc/Slide and attach it back to the document. 

Alternatively, the work can be completed in books or on paper and you can take a picture of your work and attach it. 

When you are finished, click on the MARK AS DONE button.

Image of mark as done